WOD (Workout of the Day)

At CrossFit 13 Stars we post a WOD for each day. The WOD changes each day and are not repeated any time soon (constantly varied). An explanation of the WOD will be given before the workout begins, and instruction from a coach will be available during the workout as well. The WOD will consist of a wide variety of exercises combined to maximize results.

On-Ramp Classes

The On-Ramp program is required for ALL new clients prior to entering regular classes. The program consists of four (4) sessions that can be completed as soon as you are able to. These classes ensure knowledge and safety of the movements. During these classes we will review CrossFit Methodology, the various fundamental movements, Olympic lifts, nutrition, and complete various WODs (Workout of the Day). Everyone must attend all four (4) sessions in order to move on to regularly scheduled classes. The On-Ramp classes are included with any membership, and is not a separate charge. After we are notified that you have chosen a membership we will reach out to coordinate with your schedule to get you started.

Team WOD

Team workouts can play as vital a role to the CrossFit program as individual workouts, accommodating a wide variety of capacities in a single group while challenging both elite and novice athletes.

The high numbers in the workout make it easier to defeat some of the individual WODs. A workout that has 5 exercises at 150 reps each can feel like a daunting task, but when it is accomplished through teamwork and enthusiasm it makes the normal WOD numbers seem miniscule. Team workouts are a great way to engage in a little friendly competition. And, just like with our standard CF workouts, they offer plenty of variety. They run the gamut in terms of how many athletes per team, the length of the workout, and the exercises used. Again, I think team WODs help build camaraderie in the gym and show the reality of life: that not everyone is strong and fast; some individuals are good at one thing while others are good at something else; it takes team work to get through life!