Meet With A Coach

You are welcome to try out a class whenever you would like, but we ask that you schedule a time to meet with one our coaches first. We are happy to meet either in the gym for a socially distanced conversation, or via a Zoom call. This gives us an opportunity to meet you, hear a little about your background, get a sense for what your goals are coming in, and discuss how we feel we can help. Shoot us an email at [email protected], and let’s schedule a day and time to chat!

Join Us For A Class

After we have had a chance to chat about how we are able to help you progress towards your goal, you are welcome to join us for a class and get a sense of what 13 Stars is all about. Each class includes a warm-up based on the movements you will be performing, careful instruction on basic movements, and a workout based on those movements. A trial class is $25, which is refunded to you if you choose to join our community.

Suitable For Everyone

Our goal with this class is to show you that our classes are able to be modified to individuals of ALL athletic abilities. All of our workouts are designed to allow anyone to jump right in, regardless of their current fitness background and experience. Our coaches are happy to help you adjust any movement to find that “challenging, but doable” modification.

See You In Class!

We do not hold trial classes at any particular day or time during the week. Please coordinate with us and let us know what day and time you would like to come in, so we can verify there will be a space in class.

We look forward to meeting you!

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