13 Stars Memberships

We currently offer morning, afternoon, and evening classes Monday through Friday as well as Saturday and Sunday morning classes. We offer specialty classes and private classes upon request.

Classes are 60 minutes in length, and involve a warm up, skill or strength component, our workout of the day, and cool down when there is time. Our warm-up is specific to our workout and our workouts vary each day!

New To CrossFit

If you are brand new to CrossFit, we ask that you schedule a time to meet with a coach to discuss your goals using the form below. From there we ask that you choose a membership and attend our four (4) On-Ramp classes before moving into any daily workout classes.

Experienced CrossFitter

If you are an experienced CrossFitter, and would like to join from another CrossFit gym, please contact us using the form below to tell us a little bit about your previous CrossFit experience.

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