We value each and every one of you in our community, and enjoy having you in class each and every day, so we are sad to see you go. But we hope to see you back in the gym in the future!

1. If you are choosing to cancel, and decide to reactivate your membership in the future (and we hope you do) membership rates in effect at the time of reactivation will be applicable as membership rates are subject to change. Please remember that if your membership payment is processed, we invite you to enjoy the classes for as long as your membership is good for, but there will be no refunds. If the time of your membership is about to expire (unlimited or limited) you will be notified 3 days before the renewal. If the amount of classes in your pack expires you will be automatically billed. If a billing cycle begins, we will ask that you complete the billing cycle and then cancel afterwards. Refunds will not be given after a payment goes through, so we ask that this form please be submitted prior to that charge happening. Please be aware of the state of your membership, and we are always available if you need help.

2. If you are choosing to put your membership on hold, please know that all holds must be for a minimum of 7 days, and are only applicable to unlimited memberships.