Visiting relatives? Here for work? If you are an experienced CrossFitter looking to get in a good workout while you are on the road you are always welcome at 13CFS.

Please take a look below for how to go about joining us, and we will see you in class!

  1. Please shoot us a message at the form found on this page and let us know what day and time you are interested in coming in.
  2. Our drop-in fee is $25, and we accept Venmo or PayPal.
  3. We will reserve a space for you in class after the payment has been received.
  4. Our Open Gym times are ONLY for current members.
  5. We will have a paper waiver for you to sign when you arrive.

We are located next to the Wooden Keg at 173 Washington Street.

Parking is available across the street in Burnham Park. We ask that you please do not park in the driveway.