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Why You Should Not Skip Strength Day

by Coach Vicky

“The more lean muscle mass, the higher the Resting Metabolic Rate and in turn more calories burned!”

As a CrossFit coach I will say it is important to work the lifts that you will be seeing in metcons, but as a nutrition coach, I want to talk about the importance of weightlifting in relation to metabolism and Resting Metabolic Weight.

Resting Metabolic Rate (also called RMR) = the rate at which your body burns energy (aka calories) when it is at complete rest
• The more muscle a person has → the higher the RMR
• RMR also decreases with age, so it is important to maintain as much lean body mass as possible as we age!

The more lean muscle mass, the higher the RMR and in turn the more energy the body requires to stay alive with no activity aka more calories burned!

The next thing to consider is how well you move in CrossFit metcons because of the lifts that you are practicing on strength day. If you never practice the snatch and we are faced with sets of 10 in an AMRAP, then you will not be moving as efficiently throughout the workout and you will not be getting the desired stimulus and calorie burn. The more muscle you have from training on strength day allows you to work harder and longer in other workouts throughout the week.

So moral of the story…you might not feel like you are getting a burn from strength focused classes, but the lasting effects will benefit you in your other workouts and daily life!

If you’re looking to achieve one or more of the following goals, but haven’t found success in other venues, then consider investing in your health through nutritional coaching!

• Lose fat and keep it off
• Eat healthier without eliminating certain food groups
• Improve your athletic performance
• Gain muscle and strength
• Improve your relationship with food
• Have more energy and focus on quality of life
• Find a way to stay accountable

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