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From the first day that Amanda (and her infectious smile) walked into our gym I knew that positive energy was going to be a force to be reckoned with, but it was when I heard her say, “I love it here. I feel like I am part of a team.” that I really knew she understood what we were trying to do in our community.

I have had any number of people over the years tell me what a great group of people we have in our community at CF13S. And people have come and gone, but the ones who have stayed tend to be the members who truly understand and appreciate what we are trying to do: make friends in a healthy, safe and supportive environment. And Amanda embodies that spirit that we love to see in our community.

Amanda is a hard worker who is willing to try new skills, tackle heavy weights and partner up with the newbie in the class … all because she enjoys what we do, and loves seeing other people enjoy it too. We couldn’t ask for a better member of the 7:30pm class!

  1. Member since: January 2017
  2. What is the biggest change you have seen in yourself since you started CrossFit? Welcome to the gun show? lol Anytime in the past I knew I needed to get back in the gym it’s because I noticed my arms were looking not great. I love the muscle tone I have seen build in my shoulders and arms since starting at CF13S! I also notice just how much better I can move through workouts since I started.
  3. What is your favorite lift? DEADLIFT PARTY! I also weirdly love split jerks.
  4. Which piece of purple workout clothing is your favorite? Contrary to Brian’s photographic evidence and popular belief, I don’t have much purple workout clothing, even though I went through a very strong purple phase during my tween years. I have a high neck maroon tank from Margaux Alvarez that list a bunch of foods, wine, and coffee which is definitely my favorite at the moment!
  5. Why do you CrossFit? When I moved to NJ a few years ago I struggled with trying to find a workout routine that would fit my schedule. After some failed attempts at home workout videos (ugh Insanity) and other typical gyms, I told myself I needed something more that would keep me accountable and I also really missed having a fitness community around me. CrossFit is a combination of so many things I love- great sweaty workouts, lifting, and a really awesome supportive community. CrossFit is also the only workout routine I have ever woken up before 6am for and not been overly grumpy, so I’m definitely hooked.
  6. The improvement that you are most proud of, since joining CF13S, is… My pull-ups and T2B!! When I started at CF13S I couldn’t do a single pull-up and could barely do knees to elbow. After a year, I could do 3 strict pull-ups and I am really starting to see improvements in both my kipping pull-ups and T2B!
  7. Cats or dogs? Doggies. I like kittens also, but get upset when they grow to become cats.
  8. What is something our members do not know about you? My lucky number is 13 and one of my life mantras has been “when things get tough, you get tougher.” So in a weird way I was probably always meant to waltz into CF13S that cold January Saturday.
  9. What is one word to describe your experience at CF13S? Sweaty!
  10. Any advice for people just getting started? Absolutely stick to it! Commit at the very least to one full strength cycle (6-7 weeks) I guarantee you will see improvements in your lifts and overall endurance during WODs. Keep track of where you started (SugarWOD!) and those PRs will come in time! Deload week DOES NOT mean easier. The running isn’t the hard part it’s the three flights of stairs after. All the coaches at CF13S are amazing and have something unique to offer each of us. Listen to them and you will definitely see overall improvements.
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