CrossFit 13 Stars

Member Spotlight

Meet Melanie. A wine-drinking Aussie who was forced to come to the states and take a job where she is required to eat cake samples all day. Tough life. Melanie joined us in December of 2015 after being sucked in by our annual Halloween party. We told her we normally kept that much alcohol in the gym. Bait and switch.

Something you may not know about Melanie is that last year she had a neck injury which prevented her from going overhead with any significant weight. Because of that we have helped her modify around any movements that she is unable to do, as she was determined to keep up her activity to not lose the momentum and progress she has built. I asked her if she was going to stick with us when she found out, and she said, “Yes! My arms are just starting to look good!” Something Mel is very proud of is how far she has come in her push-up form, and this is mainly work that has been done all before or after class! We are excited for how far Melanie has come, and look forward to seeing the continued progress … now on to clapping push-ups!

  1. Member since: December 2015
  2. One word that describes your experience at CF13S is… social.
  3. Cat or dog? Dog
  4. In hell you would be doing an infinite amount of… burpees
  5. The reason you CrossFit is… Harrison makes me, push ups after class anyone? Seriously though, you can’t argue with the results, it’s an effective and efficient way to get healthy and fit. To top it off, the family at 13 Stars makes it so much fun.
  6. The improvement that you are most proud of, since joining CF13S, is… Push ups! Have you seen me?!?!? I can do them without an abmat now!
  7. Why don’t Australians actually drink Foster’s? Have you tasted it? Also what’s with that massive can, a 25oz can of Fosters is possibly the most American thing I’ve ever seen.
  8. What is your favorite lift? Tough call, it’s a tie between bench press and deadlift.
  9. What is something you thought about CrossFit before starting that turned out not to be true? You have to be super competitive and you can’t eat bread. Turns out most people are just competing with themselves and you’re still allowed to eat bread.
  10. Any advice for people just getting started? Don’t be afraid to ask for a modification, track your results and, don’t worry, you’ll understand the language soon enough.