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If you frequent the 5:15am class, then you know Bryan Durante. He comes ready to work, ready to listen, and ready to chip away at whatever weaknesses he had when he walked in. Going from not being able to jump rope when he walked in to putting a 165# 1RM thruster over his head, performing sets of kipping pull-ups, and giving folks a run for their money in a 400m takes a lot of patience, consistency and effort. All of which Bryan has shown since joining us three years ago!

From the get go Bryan has understood that in order to get stronger, healthier, and faster that time was going to have to be invested in the gym that didn’t involve a metcon. Whether it’s strength day, an early Saturday class, core movements, stretching, or accessory work, Bryan is interested in the process and it shows by how much progress he has made since joining the CF13S community.

  1. Member since: 2015
  2. What is the biggest change you have seen in yourself since you started CrossFit? I can actually see an ab or 2 or 3… =) Honestly, there have been so many positive changes as a result of CrossFit…it’s difficult to name just one. Since beginning CrossFit I’ve made changes to improve my overall health and imparted some of those changes onto my family. CrossFit has been the catalyst of many changes, and as a result, I sleep better, eat better and feel better. Not to mention the coaches at CF13S are dedicated to improve the well-being of us members!
  3. What is your favorite movie? Ocean’s Eleven
  4. Do you prefer 13S in the heat or 13S in the cold? This is a hard one… I’d have to say the blazing heat – I’m less likely to pull something!
  5. Whose playlist do you enjoy the most? Another difficult question, I think I prefer Shawn’s playlist– I started listening to more 80’s as a result!
  6. Would you go to a 5:15am class on a Saturday morning? No chance! Well…maybe in the summer time…
  7. What is your favorite lift? Anything overhead – Push Presses, KB Swings, etc. – except overhead squats, hate them!
  8. What is your beer of choice? I’m not a big beer drinker; I prefer a good Bourbon or Cabernet. I’d be fine with a bud light!
  9. What is one word to describe your experience at CF13S? Fulfilling!
  10. Any advice for people just getting started? Walking in the door for the first time is the difficult part, but once you’re there you will question why it took so long.
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