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When Tom is not gallivanting in Fiji, being the creepy guy in the back of live sports broadcasts, walking his pooch around the neighborhood, or sticking a Giants jersey on the Rocky status in Philly, Tom is busy trying to find creative ways to get more weight on his back squat bar.

Strong Tom (formerly known as Tom Capra) has been one of our most consistent members for the past year, and his improvements in both metcon times and strength weights is proof on what a positive impact that has had. Tom has dropped almost 20 pounds since joining us last June, and looks to continue his progress … as long as we can find him some thinner and heavier plates for his deadlift bar.

  1. Member since: June 2015
  2. What are you most proud of during your time at CF13S? Doing movements that I couldn’t do before and dropping LBs while maintaining strength.
  3. If the adjective ‘Strong’ was removed from the dictionary, what would be the next best adjective in front of ‘Tom’? Social
  4. Do you prefer CF13S in the blazing heat or the freezing cold? Blazing Heat
  5. What is your favorite song to workout to? Till I Collapse by Eminem
  6. When I walk into the gym, the first person I check on the whiteboard is: I usually scan the 5:15am class.
  7. What is your favorite quote? “The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall.” – Lombardi
  8. What is something most of our the members do not know about you? My dog has an Instagram and has more followers than me.
  9. What is a goal you have set for yourself that you are still working on? To drop about 10 more pounds.
  10. Any advice for people just getting started? Try not to miss any time.

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