WOD – 10/03/14

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press 5 @ 60%, 5 @ 65%, 5 @ 70%
5RM front squat

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Taryn Haggerstone is a Canada West regionals athlete who I interact with on Facebook. She frequently competes, in both local fitness competitions and Olympic Weightlifting meets, and because of that she regularly posts about topics that I find to be very worthwhile for athletes of all skill levels. Her most recent post about mental toughness is a great read for any endurance athlete, but especially for those who struggle pushing themselves past the point of comfort during a workout, and also for those who have trouble visualizing themselves being successful during a lift or movement. You can be just as strong as the athlete next to you, but if you can not see yourself succeeding, or are talking yourself out of a lift before you even start … those are roadblocks you need to get around.

“Mental toughness, like any other skill in life, can be learned and must be practiced/reinforced if we don’t want to lose it. What sucks about mental toughness however is that it can’t really be taught to us by a coach or training partner. It is something we have to develop ourselves and it doesn’t happen overnight; its an ongoing process.” – Taryn

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