WOD – 10/06/14

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bench press 5 @ 60%, 5 @ 65%, 5 @ 70%

12min AMRAP
10 ring dips
10 K2E
10 decline push-ups

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Recently gluten has become a hot topic in the media (South Park, ‘This Is the End’) and with good reason. Gluten, which causes gut inflammation in about 80% of the population, can lead to a litany of health issues for people of all ages. Breaking Muscle recently put together a blog post of foods that help to reduce chronic inflammation, and in doing so, help to reduce the possibility of heart disease, cancer and arthritis, among other illnesses.

I would agree with this entire list except for #4, even though Dr. Kerrie is not with me on this one. I do not agree that beans provide you with anything that you can not get from another food source. Although the phytic acid (binds to nutrients in foods and prevents you from absorbing them) found in beans is also found in almonds, beans are typically a staple in folks diets, where almonds are more of an occasional snack. That coupled with the “beans, beans the musical fruit” feeling you get after eating beans are reasons to do your best to find whatever benefits they have and find those benefits in alternative food items.

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