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Have you ever tried completing an entire workout (especially one with running in it) with a medicine ball? Well, for the past year we have had five (5) members experience just that during their pregnancies. The choice was to either stop all together, or keep coming and do what they can for as long as they can. I am excited, and continually impressed, that all five of these new moms decided to make their health a priority during this time and continue moving their body as best they could!

Fast forward to today, and the last (wo)man standing is Caitlin, and she has is our Member Spotlight for June because of her determination and perseverance, especially during these last few months.

  1. Member since: January 2016 (CrossFitting since June 2012)
  2. What is the biggest change you have seen in yourself since you started CrossFit? I have traps. Seriously though, CrossFit helps my patience. When I don’t work out for a few days, I get testy with everyone (husband, kids, coworkers). CrossFit provides stress relief and allows me to be a more patient person.
  3. What impact do you think CrossFit has had on your ability to keep moving throughout your pregnancy? I was sick early in this pregnancy, so I wasn’t able to work out for 2 months. I didn’t realize how much that contributed to aches and pains until I came back to the box and got into a routine. I felt much better when working out and even at 39 weeks, still feel like I can get around relatively well.
  4. Do you prefer 13S in the heat or 13S in the cold? While pregnant, cold. Not pregnant, heat.
  5. What are two moves you are surprised you can still do while pregnant? Snatches (super light weight) and wall balls (I’m finally able to string them together consistently with a 10lb ball – now I need a 12lb med ball so I can keep improving). I also PR’d on a lot of weightlifting movements while pregnant, the first pregnancy I was not able to do so.
  6. What is your favorite part of having a husband who also CrossFit? We get competitive with each other. When we do the same WODs and one of us gets in more rounds or we both PR a strength day, we trash talk and chat about the workout at dinner. He also made a bold statement a few months ago that he always doubles my weight for strength. I’ve been getting stronger and he can’t double every movement anymore. The competition helps us both push ourselves a little more.
  7. If you were stranded on an island, what one piece of exercise equipment would you have with you? kettlbell
  8. What is something most of our the members do not know about you? I never learned to swim properly. I can float with the best, but getting across a pool is not pretty.
  9. What is one word to describe your experience at CF13S? Fun
  10. Any advice for people just getting started? Keep as consistent as possible for as long as possible and push yourself while being safe. Be patient with yourself because sometimes it will take a while to do something right (like me needing 5 years to figure out wall balls because I’m so uncoordinated), so practice at a light weight, then once your form is good, push on weight.
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