Week of April 3rd

Congratulations to Stephen L (1st) and Sarah L (2nd) on taking home the cash for March’s nutrition challenge! We want to first thank everyone who participated. Our goal for these types of challenges is always for folks to realize “this is not impossible” and by making small changes in your diet, workout schedule, water consumption, etc … you can make some very positive changes in your lifestyle. Not to mention your performance in the gym can drastically improve as Stephen highlighted tonight when Julie congratulated him on how many more burpees he was able to do the 2nd time around … “I lost 11 pounds. Burpees are a lot easier now!”

Please remember to sign-in to class: If you have questions about anything, please don’t hesitate to shoot us a line at [email protected]!

Monday – strength (push jerk + clean)
Tuesday – skill (cardio test) + long metcon
Wednesday – short strength (bench press) + short metcon
Thursday – skill (core work) + long metcon
Friday – short strength (power clean) + short metcon
Saturday – Intro to CrossFit (individuals) @ 8:00am; Intro to CrossFit (partner WOD) @ 9:00am

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