Week of September 1st

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Our Friday strength days have proven to be very rewarding for both the coaches and members. The barbell lifts are a very easy way to quantify if you are getting stronger at a variety of movements, so for those who never miss Fridays, your PRs have been inspiring. And for those who like to take Friday off to start the weekend early, there’s nothing like a 20# PR before Saturday morning!

Not that anyone with a job needs reminding, but this Monday, September 1st is Labor Day. We are going to be having two classes, an 8am and a 9am. The WOD has been posted already, so take a look. Family and friends are welcome, and the WOD can be converted into a partner WOD as well during either class. We are hoping to do the workout outside, so pray for nice weather!

Just a quick reminder that as of September 2nd we are moving to our new schedule. You can find the details about the changes here.

On Thursday, September 4th we are going to be doing another Civilian Military Combine (http://www.civilianmilitarycombine) training WOD to get folks ready for the THE PIT. The training is going to be done at the 5:30pm class, and to make sure we have enough time, there is not going to be a 6:30pm class on Thursday night. We have a number of members already signed up for the CMC taking place in Brooklyn on September 27th. If you’re interested in signing up, use either promo code CF99 or CFC99. One of those should knock $50 off the registration fee.

JETS Fans/FOOTBALL FANS: Discount tix to Jets/Lions on Sept. 28th & a chance to be on the field at half. More info here!

And last but not least we are asking folks to make sure they are signing up for classes. We have already had issues where members have not signed up and because of that no coach was at the gym when they showed up. If nobody is signed up for classes we are assuming it’s not necessary for a coach to be at the gym. We want to be there if you are going to be there, but please respect our coaches’ time and not have them show up if no members are going to be present. If you are going to be attending a class, please sign-up at least 30 minutes before class starts. Some of our coaches have to travel and this lets them know if they are going to be making the trip.

Please remember to sign-in to class: https://crossfit13stars.sites.zenplanner.com/login.cfm

If you have questions about anything, please don’t hesitate to shoot us a line at info@crossfit13stars.com!

Weekly WOD Schedule:
Monday – Labor Day benchmark (variation of Hot Shots 19)
Tuesday – skill work + long metcon
Wednesday – short strength (bulgarian split squats) + short metcon
Thursday – skill work + long metcon
Friday – strength (hang power clean + power snatch)
Saturday – Intro to CrossFit (individuals) @ 8:00am; Intro to CrossFit (partner WOD) @ 9:00am

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