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“Working out has become a regular part of my life now which I never thought was possible not to mention something I look forward to.” – Jess

Since Jess joined us in November she has become one of the most recognizable faces in the 5:15am class. Jess shows up each day with an eagerness to learn, to progress, and with an attitude that makes her a pleasure to have in class. As coaches, that is all we ask, and is the reason why Jess was a unanimous pick among the coaches for our next Member Spotlight!

  1. Member since: November 2018
  2. What is the biggest change you have seen since joining CF13S? My energy level has increased tremendously.
  3. Do you prefer CF13S in the blazing heat or in the freezing cold? Freezing cold!
  4. What is your favorite lift and why? Front squats … I had never done them before coming here and at first I hated them. Now when I see them in a workout and I’m always proud of myself for getting through them.
  5. What is a fun fact most of our members do not know about you? I once slid down a pyramid in Mexico.
  6. What is a movement/exercise that you are able to now do that was the most challenging when you first joined? Single unders
  7. What everyday task has been made easier since joining CrossFit? Keeping up with my daughter.
  8. What is a change your friends and family have noticed in you since starting CrossFit? Someone said to me the other day, “I don’t know how to describe it but you just seem so healthy.”
  9. What is something you thought about CrossFit before starting that turned out not to be true? That it was something that I could never do.
  10. Any advice for people just getting started? Stick with it even if you get discouraged. It can be difficult, both mentally and physically, but it is so worth the effort.
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