Week of 04/26/21

Who DOESN'T Love Running?!

With the lead up to 13’s Fittest 2021 (t-minus 47 days!) we are going to sprinkle in movements each week to help you all get ready … especially with movements we don’t normally see or haven’t seen in awhile.

This week’s movement is going to be the medicine ball runs on Monday. The runs are going to be 200m runs instead of 300m runs, but will give us an idea of how adding some weight to our body for the runs will go. And then we can gradually build up to those 300m runs with weight. And we’ve also got wall balls and deadlifts sprinkled in there. ??

Are you and running still not on speaking terms? I came across an article in the New York Times this week, and a line from it sounded very familiar, “Finding a chill community like Coffey’s “run crew” near you can be a godsend. They’ll hold you accountable without getting competitive. And for some, having that group to run with in person is motivating simply because it’s social.” If running is still something you struggle with, or you avoid workouts with running in them, or you just can’t find your groove … have you tried running with your spouse, your family, your friends outside of class? Krysta even suggested we put together a running group! Thoughts?

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