WOD – 01/06/14

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snatch balance

20min EMOM
3 snatches (95/65), 5 BJ overs (ev)
5 burpees, 7 SUs (odd)

We have been asked a few times now about being able to track WOD results in Zen (cough)Swens(cough), so Dan found a link explaining how to do so. We will be loading up the WODs each day, so after the class you are able to login and track your progress.

CrossFit allows us to very easily see if we are making gains in our strength and endurance, but it is hard to do if we’re not writing things down, which is why we encourage everyone to write down times, reps, weights, etc. So, please make an effort to do so … it is the easiest way to see what you are progressing with and what you still need to work on.


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