Week of 03/22/21

8 Weeks Later

Well, it’s time to dig up those 1RM test numbers from 7 weeks ago, and get ready to laugh at them as we set a whole bunch of new PRs this week! We will be re-testing our 1RM for the back squat (from 01/29/21), front squat (from 01/25/21), and deadlift (from 01/27/21) throughout the week.

Are you consuming a protein source after your workouts? If the answer is no … then it’s time to make a change. One of the first changes that we encourage our nutrition clients to make is to add a protein shake shortly after their workout comes to a close. There are many benefits of protein in general, but a protein shake after your workout can have some pretty specific benefits. Take a look at this article here to read more. If you’re interested in talking more about your options, let us know. We sell SFH at the gym, but can also talk shake recipes if you’re looking for a place to start!

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