WOD – 08/15/14

3×3 push press @ 50%
5RM split jerk

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Talking with a lot of our members (some of whom have been with us since the beginning), the topic of “why can’t I lift more weight doing a (blank)” has started to come up more and more. Inevitably most people think lifting is sheer strength, and although have big shoulders helps, having a flawless technique is also a helpful part of the process.

One of my favorite websites, Eat Big Lift Big, posted a very brief article that talks about the dip when pressing or jerking. If you are interested, and are having trouble understanding what you’re doing wrong, have a coach record you while dipping. I know a lot of us are visual learners.

When dipping down for a push press or a jerk, you simply want to unlock your knees and then make sure those knees are tracking directly over the top of your toes … not moving straight forward. As the article states, if you’re not dipping directly over your toes, then you forced to drive with your toes, because you aren’t balancing on your heels anymore.

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