Week of 06/13/22

13's Fittest 2022 In the Books!

Each year we are in awe of how this community comes together for a great day of friendly competition! The volunteers, the judges, the athletes, the families, the spectators … you’re all part of making this one of our favorite days of the year! 363 days until the next one…

Items for the week…

  1. This will be a deload week, as we transition from our snatch cycle.
  2. Our next strength cycle will be back squats, front squats, and the split jerk.
  3. And for the first time we are also going to test having 3 short strength + short metcon days in place of a strength day.

NOTE: when available, we are going to be linking the movements in our weekly workouts to a Youtube video as a refresher of the exercise.

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