Week of 07/05/21

Happy 4th of July!

I hope you are spending the day with family and friends while enjoying some downtime, and of course viewing Independence Day for the 96th time. A classic. Looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day out there!

We have a lot of new faces in our community, and I came across an article, “7 Things Every CrossFit Beginner Should Be Told,” that I thought was helpful. I pulled out the main ideas, but feel free to check it out at the link above for more details.

  • do more than just the classes … don’t be afraid to stretch and perform basic exercise reps at home to further your mobility, flexibility, and comfort level with exercises
  • know your numbers … avoid choosing random weights by keeping track of your progress
  • follow a proper program and stick to it … consistent is key with most things in life, and fitness is no different
  • don’t always go all out … learn early that coming in and working at a regular 80% to 85% is the key to be able to come back as often as you’d like
  • accept that there is not space for everything … take your time with new skills and exercises and focus on a small group of them at a time not everything at once
  • video your lifts … it’s amazing how much better we understand what coaches are asking of us when someone records us moving
  • work on your mobility … do you stretch enough?
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