WOD – 07/24/14

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King Kong
1 deadlift (455/375)
2 muscle-ups
3 cleans (250/200)

When CrossFit was very much still a small, homegrown operation “King Kong” was looked at as a workout that if you could do it you were looked at as a very high level athlete. Years later there are now entire competitions that revolve around the workout, which goes to show how much CrossFit athletes have evolved since the early stages of the program.

This is a very high level and heavy workout, but don’t be discouraged by that. Instead look to up your weight to an aggressive load, and challenge yourself with a mod of the movements that maybe you haven’t tried before. Just because you are not Rx’ing a workout like this does not mean it’s not worth it to get to class and see how much improvement you are making with the listed movements.

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If you listen to high level, like Taryn in her article all about a warm-up, athletes talking about their warm-up, a lot of the time you will hear them mention how their warm-up, many times, is longer than their actual workout. All of our coaches are aware that everyone in the gym has a finite gas tank to work with and you may feel that sometimes your gas tank is being quickly emptied during the warm-up, but just remember … you spent the past 12 hours (if you came to the same class the day before) stiffening up, so it’s going to take more than 3 minutes to get you warm enough to properly perform the upcoming workout.

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