Week of 09/06/21

Happy Labor Day

Labor Day always seems like the official ending of the summer and beginning of the nice, crisp, cool, fall weather. Amirite?!

Join Shawn on Monday to kick off the week, the weather, and the season with a fun workout … especially for all you rowing loves out there. And if you haven’t been following the FB group poll … it’s 90’s gym meathead themed. Dress appropriately.

We’re all looking to age as gracefully as we can! Everyone knows that exercise is good for you. But it’s not just beneficial for the young, healthy and already fit. It’s also one of the best defenses against the toughest aspects of aging. Take a look at this Time article to read about how exercise is the best defense and repair strategy that we have to counter different drivers of aging.

The Cliff Notes version is…

  1. It builds muscle strength.
  2. It improves bone density.
  3. Exercise can lengthen telomeres (related to DNA length and health).
  4. It can improve cognition.
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