WOD – 04/03/15

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power clean 5 @ 60%, 5 @ 65%, 5 @ 70%
5RM snatch

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If you are participating in the Paleo Challenge, and you feel like you’re going through withdrawals, that is probably because you are. I’m sure most of you have heard that processed sugar elicits a similar response in our brain to cocaine, and this makes the removal of it from our diets difficult. The Independent posted an article called “What Happens To Your Body When You Give Up Sugar” and it discusses both the addiction and symptoms when removed from the system.

In a Here and Now article, James DiNicolantonio, a cardiovascular research scientist, recently published a review saying that sugar is more dangerous than salt when it comes to risk for heart disease. And he said “You get this intense release of dopamine upon acute ingestion of sugar. After you chronically consume it, those dopamine receptors start becoming down-regulated — there’s less of them, and they’re less responsive,” he said. “That can lead to ADHD-like symptoms … but it can also lead to a mild state of depression because we know that dopamine is that reward neurotransmitter.”

In the end, all this is saying is we don’t need to avoid sugar all together, but severely control our consumption of it. Although our body craves sugar to help us store fat, a sugar addiction is a learned process. And in something like a Paleo Challenge, you will that after a month your cravings for it will severely decrease. You just need to give your body time to adapt.

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