Week of April 6th

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I hope everyone had a great Easter/Passover holiday! And now for the week’s fun ahead of us…

We’re one week down … how is everyone doing? I have had a lot of folks sending questions, and we appreciate them all. If you’re not sure about something, need advice, need a recipe, getting frustrated or have any other issues, let us know. We want to see everyone succeed in this, so however we can help let us know!

No Idea Saturday Softball has 4 team spots left! Register at noideasports.com if you are interested!

We will have Open Gym on Thursday during the 6:30pm class. Come on in if you’d like to make-up a WOD, work on a strength or work on a skill. And as always, if you are on an unlimited plan, you are welcome to attend a morning class and work on something else in the evening if you’d like.

Please remember to sign-in to class: https://crossfit13stars.sites.zenplanner.com/login.cfm. If you have questions about anything, please don’t hesitate to shoot us a line at info@crossfit13stars.com!

Weekly WOD Schedule:
Monday – skill work + long metcon (SteelFit Championships WOD 1)
Tuesday – short strength (bench press) + short metcon
Wednesday – skill work + long metcon
Thursday – short strength (hang power clean) + short metcon
Friday – strength (front squat + press)
Saturday – Intro to CrossFit (individuals) @ 8:00am; Intro to CrossFit (partner WOD) @ 9:00am

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