Week of 10/04/21

Short and Sweet

We were told last week that there have been “too many words” in here each week. So, we’ll aim to keep this short and sweet.

Things you need to know…

  1. This is a deload week, so workouts will be on the longer side.
  2. There are no strength sessions or strength day this week.
  3. The next cycle is going to be the back squat and bench press on strength day, and the front squat and split jerk respectively on our other two strength session days.
  4. Anyone who ordered new 13S gear, it should be in this week.

NOTE: when available, we are going to be linking the movements in our weekly workouts to a Youtube video as a refresher of the exercise.

CrossFit has earned a place at the table of viable and fun options for people looking to try a higher intensity, varied exercise program. It’s helpful to know that CrossFit uses an affiliate model versus a franchise model for business operation, meaning gym owners have a large degree of freedom in how they run their individual businesses. This inherently makes each CrossFit gym unique in its community, culture, and values. Some may be right for you, some may be a terrible for you. It all depends on what your needs are. We came across this article which highlights a lot of the common mis-conceptions or issues that the general public has with the CrossFit methodology.

pulling and more pulling

5 atomic sit-ups (25/15)
5 box jumps (30/24)
5 strict handstand push-ups
5 lunges (25/25)
5 knees-to-elbows

leg accessory work

20min EMOM
MIN 1: 10 bench presses (50% of 1RM)
MIN 2: 30 second plank hold
MIN 3: 10 goblet lunges (35/26)
… complete 200 doubles at any point

core work

18min AMRAP
200m run
11 burpees
9 box jump overs (20/16)
7 deadlifts (50% of 1RM)

8-7-6-5-4 unbroken toes-to-bars (3 of 6) or
14-12-10-8-6 unbroken push-ups (3 of 6)

1 minute max russian swings (53/35)
1 minute max burpees
1 minute max double unders
… result is lowest effort accumulated in 1 round

gymnastic work

20min AMRAP
40 wall balls (20/14)
30/25 calorie row
20 kb snatches (53/35)
10 toes-to-bars

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