Week of 12/07/20

Last chance to order a new hoodie!

Just a reminder that our order for the new Bella Canvas full zip hoodies is going in on Tuesday! If you are on Facebook, then you can see the pictures of the sample items here. We also sent out the same info and pics via email late last week. There are 2 samples (medium and XL) hanging up on the front rack in the gym too if anyone wants to try one on!

Do you struggle staying focused during the colder months? Beyond the fact that the holidays are a notorious time for weight gain, the winter months generally have us cooped up a but more, and way less active. That coupled with the quarantining we are (hopefully) doing and this increase in sedentary behavior, the shorter days, and the holidays all tend to lead to the accumulation of a not-always-wanted winter coat. Before you know it, spring is around the corner and you are scrambling to shed the pounds that crept on in the colder months.

Here are a few tips (courtesy of Satellite Fitness) on ways to stay focused this winter…

1. Walk. In the summer, people are generally more active and get more steps in. Once it gets cold, though, we tend to stay indoors. Look at what your average steps were over the summer, and commit to matching those steps throughout the winter. This might mean zipping up and facing the cold weather for a daily walk. The aerobic exercise of walking goes a long way, so don’t let it fall off during the winter.

2. Try your best to eat seasonally. Reduce your intake of summer fruit, and replace it with more veggies like cabbage, cauliflower, and squash. The less sugar during the winter, the better.

3. Adjust your training to WINTER MODE. This means you may want to increase your manual caloric burn via cardiovascular training. You need to get in as much movement as you can, so even your weight lifting should increase in intensity, for example, by reducing the amount of rest you take per set. You want to take advantage of the post-exercise calorie burn.

4. When the sun goes down, you might benefit from turning the lights down and avoiding too much artificial light. This helps reduce stress, and improve sleep, which are key to weight loss and effective training.

5. Sleep! Take advantage of shorter days, and get to bed as early as possible. The more you sleep, the more energy you’ll have for things like intensive weight lifting, and chilly winter walks. If you sleep more, you are also FAR less likely to crave sugar and we know why that would be a good thing.

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