Week of December 29th

Time To Get Back To Business!

The holidays are hard for all of us. Families visiting, work parties, dinners with friends back in town … we get it. But with the holidays behind us it is time to get back to our routine. And no, routine is not the enemy, despite what you might see folks say. A routine will allow us to stay focused, continue working towards our goals, and will keep the progress coming into the new year!

A few items to think about now that the holidays are behind us…

  1. Bring extra desserts to work! Get them out of the house. Or toss them … I just hate wasting food.
  2. Sign up for your classes for the week. Commit to getting back into the swing of things.
  3. If you’re struggling getting back to class then reach out to a friend and plan to go together.
  4. Go food shopping. If you’re like us, food still in the house probably aren’t the best options to reach for right now.
  5. Meal prep time! Leftovers are great, but let’s get back into making our own meals … so we know what is in them.
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