CrossFit 13 Stars

Week of September 5th

Civilian Military Combine:
We have three athletes participating in the CMC this weekend … still time to join if you’re interested. The CMC is a CrossFit + obstacle course event, and yours truly is the head judge! Going to be a fantastic event at Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn. Take a look here if you’re interested in finding out more info: … and if you do want to pull the trigger, use code CF13S for a discount!

Please remember to sign-in to class: If you have questions about anything, please don’t hesitate to shoot us a line at!

Monday – Labor Day
Tuesday – skill (double unders / double under attempts) + long metcon
Wednesday – short strength (power cleans) + short metcon
Thursday – strength (push jerk + clean)
Friday – short strength (bench press) + short metcon
Saturday – Intro to CrossFit (individuals) @ 8:00am; Intro to CrossFit (partner WOD) @ 9:00am

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