WOD – 03/11/15

turkish get-ups set of 5, set of 3 & set of 1 … w/ an increase in weight per set

40 secs of power snatches (50% of 1RM clean), 20 seconds rest
40 secs of bar hopping burpees, 20 seconds rest
40 secs of cleans (50% of 1RM clean), 20 seconds rest
40 secs of farmer’s carries (53/35), 20 seconds rest
2 min rest, then…
1000m row

The three (3) rounds of four (4) movements will be completed first, and you will finish up with the row.

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Since the warm weather is coming back around the running articles have started surfacing. If you have any friends who are runners and are interested to see how strength training can benefit them pass along Breaking Muscle’s “Why Runners Need Strength Training and How To Get Started” post.

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