WOD – 03/10/15

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winter goals

1 minute max ring rows
rest 30 seconds
1 minute max sit-ups
rest 30 seconds
1 minute max box jumps (24/20)
rest 30 seconds
1 minute max push-ups
rest 30 seconds
1 minute max ring dips
rest 1 minute

Remember … the goals board is getting wiped after the St. Patty’s Day Parade! There’s still time, just have to put in some extra time before, during or after classes.

Helpful Links:
We have everyone’s favorite turkish get-ups coming up on Wednesday! TGUs are a fantastic core stability and shoulder stability movement that are seen more often as a strength movement than in the middle of an intense workout. Eric Cressy, a strength and conditioning coach, recently posted some quick video snippets to highlight what he thinks are the areas of the movement that need more focus.

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