WOD – 11/21/17

core work
10 barbell roll outs
10 barbell roll outs w/ push-up
10 barbell roll outs w/ push-up and K2Es

3 min rounds x 5 of…
3 power cleans (115/85)
6 push-ups
9 air squats
1 min rest

Black Friday Deals

1. Membership: today through Thanksgiving … any current member looking to pre-pay (lump sum) for a current OR upgraded monthly membership will receive a 13% discount on whichever membership they choose!

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We are limiting this to the first 13 members to take advantage and last year all slots were taken in the first 2 days. Reach out with any questions. We will take care of adding the membership for you. Not to be combined with any other offers. I will be posting this to social media tonight, but wanted to offer it here first.

2. SFH Fish Oil: we are discounting the last few bottles of fish oil we have from $48 to $30 per bottle. If you are looking for a high quality fish oil, SFH has a great option for you and a variety of flavors. For more info about why you should be incorporating fish oil into your every day health routine take a look below…

“Fish oil is a supplement with a bunch of benefits. Since it works in so many different ways in the body, we can’t extol all of its virtues, so we will focus on inflammation only. The two most important fatty acids in fish oil are the omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA. When an inflammatory response is initiated, a fatty acid is liberated from fat tissue to convert into either a pro-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory signaling molecule. EPA will convert into an anti-inflammatory molecule and DHA will not convert and the inflammatory signal will stop, so having plenty of fish oil in your body will prevent inflammation right at the source. Fish oil works along the same pathways as aspirin and other NSAID pain relievers, so in some ways, its effectiveness is similar. Regarding exercise, studies have demonstrated that fish oil can reduce DOMS (delayed on-set muscle soreness). After a muscle-damaging protocol, omega-3 consumption induced lower pain and higher range of motion in the knees of untrained men.”

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