WOD – 05/25/17

overhead walks with kettlebell + overhead lunges with kettlebell

We are going to have 1 kettlebell held overhead for the walks and lunges. We are focusing on keeping trunk tight and not arching our lower back. Slow and controlled movements.

5min AMRAP
500m row
max effort box jump overs (30/24)
2 minutes rest
4min AMRAP
400m row
max effort ring dips
2 minutes rest
3min AMRAP
300m row
max effort double unders

Interesting Read:
I found this write-up on taking before and after photos, and thought it was a great breakdown of why we should do so.


There are few things as inspirational as a stunning before and after picture. To see how the human body can dramatically transform is simply incredible!

Have you ever thought about creating your own before and after picture?

While the initial photos are certainly not fun to take, I’d like to share why I believe this is just what you’ve been missing to achieve the fit body you’ve always wanted.

Here’s why you should take before pictures…

• You get fired up! Pulling on that bathing suit and standing in front of a camera may feel a bit like standing in front of a firing squad, but this simple act will light a fire within you. By having a starting off point for your transformation, you’re now on the path to improvement. The journey has begun!

• You accurately track progress. One of the biggest frustrations that clients have when they start working towards a fitness goal is how slowly their weight drops. Losing fat and gaining muscle doesn’t always show up on the scale, and so it’s important not to allow the scale to dictate your success. Instead, get back into that bathing suit every 30 days for updated pictures. After 90 days you will have 4 photos to arrange side-by-side, showing the progress of your transformation. Photos are undeniable proof that your body is losing fat, gaining muscle and transforming into something spectacular!

• You stay on the program. Knowing that there is another photo date coming up may be all the extra motivation you need to stay on your healthy eating and exercise program. When temptation hits you’ll think about the way that you will look in that bathing suit and the evolution that you want the pictures to show. Each picture will be more attractive than the next!

• You have an incredible story to share! Sharing your before and after pictures, once you have achieved your goal, is a special way to motivate others to begin their own fitness journey. Your handful of pictures will show the progression of fat loss, muscle development and confidence in a way that words simply cannot describe. I can’t wait to see yours!

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