WOD – 05/26/17

Push Press: 5×5 @ 75% of 5RM

15min EMOM
10 kb presses (kb in each hand)
10 T2B
45 second wall sit (25/15)

Completing only 1 movement every minute.

Interesting Read:
I grabbed this write-up from Juli Bauer’s PaleOMG post. As many of us know, encouraging a spouse who is doing something a little different from you, health and fitness wise, can be a challenge. But being supportive, and remembering that time spent maintaining a healthy lifestyle is good for the whole family, is important.


Good morning, buttercup!! I wish I could act like I’m in this perky good mood, but my husband is doing this “thing” right now. He started working out in the mornings so he sets his alarm at 5am and leaves all of his clothes and backpack and even toothbrush in the other room so he doesn’t wake me up when he gets up. BUT he presses snooze and lets his alarm go off 3 separate times and goes back to sleep every time. And after the first alarm, I’m pretty much completely ready to get up. After the second alarm, I’m pretty annoyed. Third alarm, I hate him. It’s a pattern at this point. BUT, I’m very happy and supportive that he’s working out in the morning so I hold my tongue and don’t smash his face in with a pillow. It’s quite a loving feeling.

I say all this because, well, sometimes we don’t always support our significant other when it comes to their health goals. I get emails all.the.time from people who either don’t feel supported or are obviously having a hard time supporting their partner when it comes to healthier eating choices and/or working out. It might be because you or your partner never worked out and now someone wants to so it feels a little strange or foreign. Or because someone changed their diet and the other person is having a much harder time. Or it could be because one person has lost weight and the other person hasn’t so there becomes a bit of a jealousy situation. No matter what situation may be your own, it’s important to remember that health should come first and foremost. If we don’t have our health, we don’t have much else longterm. We won’t be able to care for our significant other or experience certain situations or enjoy the little moments together because our health is diminishing. But if we put our own health first, and support our significant other in their goals that make them happier and healthier, we will be able to enjoy so many amazing moments in the future.

My husband’s alarm goes off 3 times every morning when he wakes up to go to the gym and you know what? It annoys the sh*t out of me. But I bite my tongue, get up to work on my blog, and kiss him as he walks out the door to the gym…because I’m so proud of him for taking care of himself so we can have an enjoyable, exciting and amazing future together. Don’t let your own frustration or jealousy or upsets get in the way of your partners success. Support and push each other to be better. That’s how relationships grow and thrive!

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