WOD – 11/07/14

snatch 5 @ 75%, 5 @ 80%, 5 @ 85% of 1RM
1RM power clean

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Patrick McCarty recently wrote a post for Breaking Muscle called “Is it time to look for a new CrossFit Gym?” and as an owner it was a post I was very interested in reading. I, of course am biased, but the vast majority of the positive things that McCarty encourages people to look for in a gym we have worked hard to create at CF13S. But, we’re not perfect, and although everyone will not always be happy with everything we do … we strive to listen to our members and make an effort to make sure everyone feels they are being pushed, encouraged, and informed day in and day out. If there is ever anything you are unhappy with … we want to hear about it. Don’t hesitate. We’re good listeners.

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