Paleo Challenge – Round 3

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On the 31st of March in the year of our lord 2015 … the 3rd CF13S Paleo Challenge will kick-off! Looking to shed some winter weight and get this warm weather party started? You won’t find a better opportunity than this!

This round will begin on Monday, March 30th and run until Monday, April 27th. You challenge yourself in the gym everyday. Think of this as just one more WOD to finish! It’s 1 month. Stay strong.

May the WODs be ever in your favor.


The challenge will be scored in five (5) categories:

  • food: You can receive a 0 (ate cheat items) or a 5 (100% Paleo for the day).
  • water: You can receive a 0 (did not drink 1/2 your bodyweight in ounces of water) or a 5 (drank 1/2 of your bodyweight in ounces of water) each day.
  • workouts: You can receive points for up to 4 workouts per week. If you are on a limited plan, running and walking for at least 20 minutes can count as your 4th workout.
  • benchmark: We will be testing everyone’s mile time on Day 1 and on Day 31. Every second you improve is a point for your score.
  • BMI: Through a series of calculations that only Julie understands, you will be given points for the percentage of bodyweight you lose


The entrance fee is $30 this round. Why, you ask? Good question. Folks were too quick to throw the $5 away in round 2, so we want people to stick with this, and making it sting a little will help do that!


  1. weigh-in on Monday the 30th
  2. pay $30
  3. run 1 mile
  4. keep track of your daily operation in a Google Doc that we will create for you
  5. kick @$$ and take names
  6. win money, lose weight and feel great


With an increase in price, we have a 2nd place winner now too. $20 of every entry fee will go to the 1st place winner, and the remaining $10 will go to the 2nd place winner.

And now the technical stuff…

Paleo is about getting creative with your cooking so that you can take out the things that cause your body to run slow and inefficient and replace them with ingredients that will provide you with the all-day energy that we all need!

YES FOODS: Vegetables, fruits, lean meat, nuts, seeds, most types of oil (Not corn or vegetable though)

NO FOODS: Processed foods (Essentially everything you would find in the middle aisles of the store like cereal, soda, Doritos), sugars, beer and most alcohol, soy, dairy, cheese, processed meats like salami, beans, rice, any kind of bread or pasta, or anything with ingredients that are unrecognizable


You are allowed three (3) drinks per week, but they must be vodka (made from potatoes), wine (red or white) or tequila.

Examples of Paleo Challenge 0 Point Cheat Items (even in small amounts):
Milk or sugar in coffee or tea
Peanut butter
White rice, Brown rice
Non-Paleo condiments: ketchup, mayonnaise, sour cream, etc.
Non-Paleo salad dressings (Store bought/restaurant)
Pizza, Pasta, Bread or grains
Candy, Added sugar (Stevia, agave, artificial sweeteners, etc.)
Soda/Juice/Sports drinks
Anything deep-fried
Alcohol (except those listed above)
Chips, Doritos, Nutri Grain bars, any processed snacks
Non-Paleo oils (Corn, Vegetable, Canola, etc.)
Anything with soy

Suggested Sites for Recipes:

Suggested Place to Shop:
Trader Joe’s
Thrive Market
Julian’s Pantry
Steve’s Paleo Goods


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