WOD – 06/06/18

Thruster: 3×8 @ 55% of 1RM
Back Squat: 5×5 @ 75% of 5RM

Something I find myself saying pretty frequently when discussing nutrition with folks is that just because something is healthy does not mean it’s calorie-free. There are a lot of things that we do throughout the day that add calories to a meal and with a few tweaks we can help cut back of some of these.

1. Replace daily soda with sparkling water – approximately 14.6 pounds saved/year

If you are still drinking soda on a regular basis then we need to talk.

The average soda contains about 140 empty calories — and a scary amount of sugar. So 140 calories, 365 days a year adds up to 51,100 calories or almost 15 pounds.

If you absolutely have to have the bubbles then try exchanging your soda for sparkling water (or FitAID), and you’ll be doing yourself a serious favor.

2. Skip the bun – approximately 2.2 pounds saved/year

The average American eats three hamburgers per week, which is a lot of burgers. And, more often than not, they’re of the fast-food rather than home-cooked variety. The one positive takeaway: There’s plenty of room to improve. Going bun-less once per week saves about 150 calories, which adds up to 7,800 calories a year — just over 2 pounds.

3. Drink water before meals – approximately 8.1 pounds saved/year

Drinking water can help curb your appetite and prevent overeating. In fact, one study found drinking two cups of water (16 ounces) before a meal resulted in a 13% reduction in calorie intake. If you typically eat a 600-calorie dinner, drinking water beforehand could save you 78 calories per day — or 28,470 calories per year.

4. Opt for cauliflower rice – approximately 2.4 pounds saved/year

No, cauliflower rice isn’t a direct substitute for the real thing. But when prepared properly, it’s pretty damn good. And considering it’s a non-starchy vegetable, cauliflower rice is a low-carb, low-calorie way to supplement that weekly stir-fry. You’ll save about 160 calories every time you make the swap or 8,320 annually.

5. Drink your coffee black – approximately 3.3 pounds saved/year

The sugar in your morning coffee might taste good, but every teaspoon adds about 16 calories. Have you tried a good, rich coffee, and skip the sweetener entirely? Here we will assume one teaspoon of sugar, and two cups per day, which is the national average. When you do the math, that’s about 11,680 calories a year!

6. Choose mustard over mayo – approximately 2.7 pounds saved/year

This is something I personally take advantage of on a regular basis. Condiments are a delicious way to spruce up just about anything. But not all condiments are created equal, so check that nutrition label before you start slathering. There are 90 calories in one tablespoon of mayonnaise, which makes zero-calorie mustard the clear champion for sandwiches, burgers and other condiment-friendly foods. Make that swap two times per week, which adds up to 9,360 calories per year and watch those calories drop.

7. Just. Chew. Slower. – approximately 27.5 pounds saved/year

When you are hungry, it is tempting to shovel food into your face. But chewing slowly — and generally being mindful of your eating — allows the body to better realize when it is full. This can translate to less overeating, and fewer calories consumed at each meal. One study showed that normal-weight individuals reduced their calorie intake by an average of 88 calories when eating slower, as compared to the fast-eating group. Multiply that by three meals per day, 365 days a year and … that’s a ton of calories (96,360 calories to be exact).

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