WOD – 07/31/14

5×3 turkish get-ups (53/35)

10min EMOM
5 thrusters (95/65)
down and back sprints

If I learned one thing being out at the CrossFit Games it is that the CrossFit community, just like every other part of our society, has fads and gimmicks. And supplements and food is the biggest offender. Just because Joe Schmoe endorses it do not be fooled that it is a) actually what they use, and b) actually healthy for you. Popular fitness supplements, not unlike popular snack foods, have a paragraph of ingredients in them. And although the adage of “if you don’t know what it is, then you don’t want to be ingesting it” doesn’t necessarily always apply when dealing with longer named scientific ingredients, a paragraph of ingredients is rarely going to be a good thing … regardless of the product.

So, be smart. Do your research. Ask folks who know more about it than you do. I certainly did. And it was pretty eye-opening.

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