WOD – 09/04/15


On Saturday both the 8am and 9am classes are going to meet at the Morristown HS (50 Early Street) track for an outdoor bodyweight bonanza led by Nola’s Mom (aka Jenna)! Plenty of parking in the lot. The football teams will be practicing throughout the morning, so we are going to be start promptly at 8am and 9am to make sure we’re not in anyone’s way.

This would be a great workout to bring a friend to who is looking to meet some fantasticly buff and friendly people and see what CF is all about.

Come get in a great outdoor WOD before the weather turns the corner!

1RM weighted pull-up

tabata of… (4 rounds of whole set)
kb goblet squats (53/35)
kb push press (left hand) (53/35)
kb swings (53/35)
kb push press (right hand) (53/35)
kb sdlhp (53/35)
1min rest

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