WOD – 11/24/15

tabata row

20 push balls (20/14)
20 gymnastics move you’re thankful for
20 push balls (20/14)
15 gymnastics move you’re thankful for
20 push balls (20/14)
10 gymnastics move you’re thankful for
20 push balls (20/14)
5 gymnastics move you’re thankful for

Last year Dan suggested that we have our members choose a movement they were thankful for before Thanksgiving, and we’re continuing that tradition this year. So, choose a gymnastic (aka bodyweight) movement that you are thankful for. It could be a movement you were working on all year and finally got, or something you’re doing strict now instead of modified, or maybe just a bodyweight movement that you feel you are good at and damn proud of it! And yes, double unders are allowed.

Helpful Info:
The Whole Foods lunch and learn series we participated in last week was sponsored by Be Well, and Be Well’s head honcho Marisa Sweeney was in attendance. Marisa is a certified nutritionist and during our chat mentioned that a pound of fat in our body is a difference of 500 calories. So, if you were interested in losing a pound of fat per week you would have to have a 500 calorie deficit either with your diet or a combination of your diet and exercise. Food for thought.

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