CrossFit 13 Stars

WOD – 12/07/16

Bench Press: 3×3 @ 65% of 1RM
Snatch: 5×5 @ 75% of 5RM

Helpful Holiday Info:
Greg Farris, a nutrition and exercise consultant, is posting, for the next 10 days, tips on how to stay lean and on top of your fitness goals during the holiday season. You can follow him at, now on to the tips…


Plan to consume a lot of alcohol? Then minimize desserts. Plan to crush the dessert table? Then minimize the booze.

Even though portion size matters, the whole food consumed during the holidays is not normally what contributes to excess calories. For many, it’s the addition of desserts and alcohol that’s troublesome. The holidays with family should be fun, so I’d never recommend eliminating both. But, if you want to minimize the holiday damage choose one and ditch the other.