WOD – 12/08/16

3×5 overhead step-ups

2-for-1 step-ups. You are encouraged to to increase your weight with each set. An appropriate height for the box in this case is a low box, or a low setup of jerk blocks. Athletes can choose any type of weight to use over their head (ie. bar, kb, mb, etc). We are working for skill (should stability and core activation) not heavy weight.

kb swings (53/35)
calorie row

Helpful Holiday Info:
Greg Farris, a nutrition and exercise consultant, is posting, for the next 10 days, tips on how to stay lean and on top of your fitness goals during the holiday season. You can follow him at, now on to the tips…


Regardless of how good/bad you eat during holiday meals, stay off the scale for the next 2-3 days.

Excess sodium and calories will cause a big weight jump, but its only temporary. You can’t put on 5 lbs of fat in one day, it’s mostly water retention. Save yourself stress and wait a few days to weigh-in.

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