WOD – 10/21/15

overhead squat 5 @ 75%, 3 @ 85%, 1 @ 95%
1RM thruster

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On Good Morning America this past weekend, they had a quick piece on health and fitness tips to keep in mind during the upcoming Fall season …

1. less light = less outdoor activity and can cause a dip in serotonin which can lead to eating more
Keep this in mind, try to soak in as much sunlight as you can throughout the day (even in the cold) and be aware when cravings are happening (like grabbing for that bread basket before your meal comes) or may happen (eating something beforehand to avoid cravings).
less natural sunlight, food cravings, bread basket sweet potatoes

2. be careful of seasonal drinks
A cup of black coffee is only 5 calories when seasonal coffees can be up to a couple hundred calories per cup. Be aware of what you are ordering, how often you are ordering it, and what size you are ordering. Continue to keep your drinks as clean as you can, and if you do have to order one of these seasonal drinks, try to order a smaller portion of it.

3. tailgating
We had a number of members fall into the “Sunday Football” trap last year. Be aware of the sh*tty foods found at tailgates and football get-togethers. Beer, chips, dips, chicken wings … all taste great and are great to enjoy during a game but can quickly put you on a downward slide from the progress you have been making in the gym and at home. Try to avoid showing up hungry to these events. The more you are able to eat before you go, the less likely you are to load up on foods at the party. A lot of times you feel like eating simply because others around you are eating, and if that is the case load up on celery with a few chicken wings. Just aim for the healthy stuff to chew on and keep you busy.

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