Week of 01/25/21

A Week For Squat Lovers

This week we are kicking off our next strength cycle. The four movements we will be focusing on are going to be the back squat, the front squat, and the deadlift. The split jerk will be accompanying the back squat on strength day. The last time we tested our 1RM back squat, front squat, and deadlift was in December 2019, so it’s been awhile. Let’s focus on building up to a very challenging set of one, but take it slow. Understand that we are going to have the next seven weeks to improve our depth, build leg strength, understand how core stability plays into our squats, and get comfortable in the bottom of an uncomfortable squat.

How are you sleeping? We have all heard that eight hours of sleep is what we should aim for, but number is pretty individual dependent. How much someone actually needs to be sharp, focused, and maintain a healthy balance tends to vary a bit more than just a straight eight hours. This CNN article touches on a number of different types of sleep, and also how to attain them. In the cycle of wellness I talk a lot about with our nutrition clients, sleep is a big part of the puzzle. Sleep lets your muscles recover, improve exercise performance, properly burn calories, set your mood for the following day, prevent weight gain, boost your immune system, and so much more.

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