Week of 06/14/21

Another incredible 13's Fittest is in the books!

“Today was incredible. I’ve never been to a gym that put anything like this together. So fun!” – Tim

I’ve been saying it for years that 13’s Fittest has been one of my favorite days of the year since our first year. The positive energy, the camaraderie, the excitement in the room is hard to find in other areas of our lives. And Julie and I always say that as adults we don’t always have a fun way to challenge ourselves competitively like we did when we were kids … but once a year it’s always fun to partner up and see what a team can do!

“Now I know why you tried so hard to pair people up … such a fun day!” – Ashley

It is always a great showing for our community and worth every second of planning that we put into it! Until next year!

“Can we do one of these monthly?” – Taz … No, Taz. No, we can’t.

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