Week of 09/20/21

Last Build Week For This Strength Cycle

We are coming up on week 7 of 8 for our snatch strength cycle. This week will be our last build week, and then next week we will be re-testing our 1RM for the snatch, power snatch, and thruster! Excited yet?!

We have had a few schedule changes, but everything currently reflected in Zen (in terms of the coach showing for that class) should now be accurate. Might be a few subs here and there, but who you’re seeing in Zen should be who you’re seeing in class. More on this coming up soon, as we’re looking to add at least one new coach to our team.

We all want our children to grow up with an understanding of how important exercise is! It is never too early to teach the concept that we need to regularly move our bodies to stay healthy — just as we teach children at a young age about what kind of foods we should eat to be healthy. If you are like many parents right now, take a look at this article from CNN that discusses how to convince your kids to decrease the screen time and increase their exercise time.

The Cliff Notes version is…

  1. model the behavior for your kids
  2. eventually invite them to join in
  3. encourage one hour of exercise per day
  4. breathing faster and sweating is the goal
  5. bike riding or jumping rope are good examples
  6. aerobic exercise helps main cardio health
  7. strength training helps to build muscle
  8. … and more in the article!
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