Week of 11/23/20

Thanksgiving Week!

I’m sure this holiday week will be unlike most Thanksgiving weeks we have had in the past. Please be safe, remain vigilant, and enjoy the time with your families! We will have a regular schedule on Wednesday, we will be closed on Thursday, we will have 6am/7am/8am classes only on Friday, and then a regular schedule on Saturday and Sunday.

Are you getting more or less exercise than before the pandemic started? I came across this article in The Atlantic, “Sedentary Pandemic Life Is Bad for Our Happiness,” and it really highlights the struggles that our society is going through right now in terms of wanting to exercise, but not having the interest, guidance, or comfort level to be back in a fitness facility. I have had the conversation with a number of folks in and out of our community recently about how it has NEVER been more important to be as healthy as we possibly can. So, if you know someone hesitant to get back into a routine then encourage to get moving them knowing that no matter how much someone may want to stay inside and away from people to remain safe that that is most likely working against their self-interests.

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