Week of 11/16/20

When was the last time we snatched?

It has been awhile since our last snatch cycle. And by “awhile” I mean we haven’t completed our snatch strength cycle since late September of 2019. If you’re new to our community, this cycle of snatches will be a fair amount of technique build. We will also be working on our bench press for percentages and testing our 1RM hang power clean. So, it will be a well-rounded cycle! Looking forward to getting it started.

A show of hands … who sleeps naked? Weird question? Maybe. Maybe not. This article from IFL Science (coupled with the Discovery News Youtube video that is embedded) digs into the subject, and discusses the benefits of it. And there are many. No clothes means an overall cooler body temperature, and being cooler has been proven to help many fall asleep easier, and to stay in a deeper sleep longer. In studies done, the warmer the subject was the more disturbed the brain was during sleep, and in particular the elderly. This led to subjects waking up more frequently. Skin to skin contact with your partner also releases the hormone oxytocin, which helps you feel more secure, and also lowers your cortisol levels which can help boost your immune system, help with weight loss, lower blood pressure, and slow your heart rate. Sooooooooo…

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