WOD – 01/16/14

20 sit-ups, 1 push-up
down to…
1 sit-up, 20 push-ups

Like the game, the Blackjack maxes out at 21. Each round, your combination of push-ups and sit-ups will equal 21. One movement’s #s are going down, and the other’s # is going back up. An excellent test to see how much your strength and endurance have improved recently. Not a WOD to be underestimated!

And now for the 2-finger push-up.

Looking for a crockpot recipe that will beautify the air in your house for three days and have co-workers asking you what that delicious aroma is coming out of your Pyrex container? Look no further than PaleOMG’s Asian Marinated Crockpot Beef Spare Ribs. The only thing that did not turn out as planned is how much we had leftover. Next time we’re cooking for six!

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